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We integrate information, imagination, technology and experience to transform and propel your brand to greater heights.

What We Do


With data, research, and analysis, we help establish your business direction and transformation, help organize your goals and focus on achieving them.


Understanding customers and your business needs are the primary in building a site that sells. And we just don’t build e-commerce sites, we also own some and run them.

Digital Marketing

With market research and analysis, we will develop a data-driven digital marketing strategy that is suitable for your business, drives results, and optimized over time.


By understanding your target audience and market culture, we build brands that are relatable, memorable, and authentic.


An e-commerce store that sells, a website that converts, or an application that is easy to use and navigate, are just part of creating a valuable and meaningful experience for your users.


Fast, secure, responsive, seamless and scalable websites, applications and digital solutions require fitting technology, architecture, and structure.

Who We Are

Hello there! We are DAHUM INC. We’re a one-stop digital agency that helps bring ideas and concepts to life and propel businesses by understanding the market and using data-driven strategies.

We are a team with over 200,000 hours of combined experience who have worked with several brands around the world with great success. Our top priority is: 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction for our partners and clients. We uphold the highest standards for project planning, management, and execution, and we are dedicated to providing the best solution for your business, on-time, and on-budget.

Our M.O. is to empower and make the digital world an even playing field even for the smallest ideas, concepts, and businesses.

Work With Us


Business intelligence, data analytics, market research, and analysis, etc are the core of making calculated and informed business decisions. We use data and information in developing conceptual frameworks and strategies for business transformation and growth.


Creativity and innovation let us discover new ways in solving problems and looking at opportunities. Thinking outside of the box and discerning useful and unique solutions that would bring about development and progress in business.


We deliver you high quality of service by using the best tools and latest technology for business diagnosis, as well as project evaluation, discovery, assessment, planning, implementation, tracking, management, documentation and optimization.


We understand the pains of running a business because we walk the talk! Our experience is not only limited to being service providers, but we do run our businesses, which we create, develop, and market.

Who We Work With


Tell us about your business. We are here to listen and help.

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